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PSMA PET CT scan: Instruction for patients

This leaflet provides information to patients undergoing a whole body PSMA PET CT scan.


PET-CT imaging with F-18 PSMA can identify prostate cancer (PC) with excellent contrast and a high detection rate. F-18 PSMA PET-CT is useful for pre-treatment staging and restaging in recurrence/biochemical failure after definitive treatment of prostate cancer.

How long is the PSMA PET CT scan procedure?

The entire procedure may take 3-4 hours, during which actual scan acquisition will be for 15-20 minutes only.

There are two stages of the PET/CT exam:

  1. Injection of the radio-pharmaceutical F-18 PSMA, following which you have to wait 60-90 minutes in isolation room, for the spread of the radiopharmaceutical in the body.
  2. Later, you will be escorted to the PET CT scanning room, where you will be asked to lie down on PET CT scan table. The scan will take approximately 20 minutes.

How do I prepare for PSMA PET CT scan?

Approximately 3-4 hours fasting is required prior to appointment time

  •  Drinking of plain-water is allowed. There is no need to hold urine.
  • Patients are requested to report for the scan, 30 min prior to the appointment time.
  •  Patients are instructed to bring recent Blood urea and S. Creatinine reports (maximum one month old) and all their previous investigations, discharge summaries and physician's note. Please carry the CDs of previous PET CT scans along with you for comparison, if applicable.
  •  Please inform the reception / Doctor If you are allergic to contrast medium or any other medicine, before undergoing the scan.
  •  Please note: Occasionally, if the synthesis of F-18 PSMA fails or due to some unexpected technical problem in PET CT machine, we might have to reschedule your test without any prior information.

Appointment booking

Note: You are required to pay advance money during booking an appointment
for the radioactive medicine (F-18 PSMA) which will be specifically ordered for
you and has a very short half-life (~ 2 hours). Hence, please keep your 
appointment on time. If you cannot keep your scheduled appointment, please call our office at-least 24 hours in advance, else the advance deposited will
neither be refunded nor be adjusted against any other services.

Who can accompany me for the scan?
We would prefer that you do not bring more than one person with you. Avoid bringing children
or pregnant ladies with you.
When can I expect the results of my PSMA PET CT scan?
You will receive the results between 4 - 5 PM on next working day of your scan. The report
will be accompanied with scan films and CD / DVD.
What are the risks of the scan?
PET-CT procedures are very safe and routine procedures. Millions of PET-CT scans have
been done around the world without complications.
The radiation dose for the PET-CT scan is similar to conventional CT scans, but it is
recommended that you keep some distance from pregnant women and children for four hours
after your injection, until the radioactivity in your body has subsided.
*If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact the Nuclear Medicine and PET
CT Department, Manipal Hospitals, Dwarka on 011-41275305, 011-41274251 between 9
AM – 5 PM (Monday-Saturday).




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