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Physiotherapy and rehabilitation in critical care and intensive care units deals with various pulmonary hygiene related issues and mobility related issues arising due to critical illness and mechanical ventilation. Patients in critical care areas such as patient in organ transplant ICUs, cardiothoracic ICUs, medical/surgical/neurosurgical/paediatric/neonatal ICUs often have compromised cardiopulmonary functions also, more susceptible to acquire undesired negative effects of mechanical ventilation and decreased level of mobility (bed rest) which leads to prolonged stay and physical deconditioning. 
Physiotherapy plays significant role in overall management of patients in critical care providing both prophylactic as well as therapeutic interventions. Cardiopulmonary physiotherapist also looks after patients who has not under critical care but need expert rehabilitative care such as patients with COPD, pneumonia, patients who has under gone abdominal or pulmonary surgery.


Department is equipped with latest technology to deliver international standard care to the patients who needs the cardiopulmonary physiotherapy services.


Facility Available:     


•    Cough Assist Device
•    Acapella Vibratory PEP Therapy System
•    Respiratory Muscle Trainer device
•    NMS for prophylaxis of ICU acquired neuromuscular weakness
•    Early Mobilization in Critical Care


Our physiotherapist, works in closed collaboration with critical care doctors and other medical specialities to provide patient centric optimal care.


Cardiopulmonary physiotherapists are specially trained in active cycle of breathing, chest physiotherapy, chest percussion/vibration, airway clearance technique, breathing exercises, aerobic exercises, early mobilization. Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation aims to prevent and minimize impairments secondary to cardiac or pulmonary illnesses and improve fitness & quality of life of patient. 


Customized rehab programme which cover exercise schedule, patient education and lifestyle modifications are designed based on the needs and abilities of patients. Services are available for conditions like: Post Myocardial infarction, Post CABG, Stable angina, Valvular heart diseases, At risk cardiac patients, Obstructive/ restrictive airway diseases, etc.




Dr Dharam Pandey

Dr Dharam Pandey

Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Sciences
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