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Musculoskeletal rehabilitation deals with Neck & Back pain- spondylosis, disc prolapse, etc. Frozen shoulder, Knee Pain- Osteoarthritis, Bursitis, ligament injuries. Sports injuries like an Ankle sprain, Rotator cuff tears, Impingement syndrome, Rehabilitation following ACL repair, hip/knee replacement, Osteoporosis, De-conditioning due to chronic Illness, Rheumatological disorders, Mobilization following surgery, fractures, polytrauma.
The centre is equipped with state of the art international standard modalities to deal with all type of musculoskeletal disorders including post orthopaedic surgeries rehabilitation. 
Facility Available: 
•    Electrical stimulator
•    Interferential therapy
•    TENS
•    Class IV LASER Therapy
•    Wax bath
•    Hot packs
•    Cold packs
•    Cryotherapy
•    Ultrasonic therapy
•    Electronic Cervical & Lumbar Traction
•    Foot Scanner
•    Posture Analysis system
•    Shortwave diathermy
•    Longwave Diathermy
•    Continuous Passive Motion Unit
•    Quadriceps Strength Training Chair
•    Treadmill AC Motor-Wide Based)
•    Shoulder Wheel
•    T Pulley
•    Exercise Bolster
•    Bobble Board
•    Stability-Proprioceptive Training Disk
•    Thera Roller
•    Recumbent Bike
•    Various Exercises gadgets 
Our physiotherapist & occupational therapist specialised in musculoskeletal providing manual therapy, soft tissue manipulation, dry needling, kinesiology taping, myofascial release, muscle energy technique etc. 

Mechanical Cervical-scapular Humeral Pain Care Program – Addresses movement dysfunction, related to the postural and scapular stabiliser muscle, often diagnosed as scapular dyskinesia and upper crossed syndrome. These types of dysfunctions are most common in overhead athletes, people who work in an awkward posture such as computer professionals, inappropriate weight training etc. The treatment includes the facilitation of inhibited muscle group, lengthening of shortened and tight muscle correction of biomechanics around shoulder complex.    

Anterior Knee Pain (Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome) Care Program – Anterior knee pain is classical mechanical knee pain, pain is especially felt while stair activities. It is most common in running athletes, dancers, inappropriate weight training. Anterior knee pain if diagnosed early can be successfully treated with physiotherapeutic intervention.   

Comprehensive Posture, Ergonomics & Spine Care Program – Program addresses the issues related to spine structural imbalance and postural dysfunctions. Comprehensive software-based assessment done to evaluate the posture followed by detail musculoskeletal evaluation including occupation related history and work nature. Based on evaluation most effective customised intervention plan is tailored to address the pain and discomfort arising from biomechanical derangement. Centre provides onsite ergonomics workstation evaluations ergonomic awareness and training to prevent repetitive strain injury (RSI) and other work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WRMSDs).

Amputee Rehabilitation -  Program takes care of needs of patients who need limb amputation out prosthetics specialist take care of pre-amputation assessment and counselling, prescription fabrication and fitment of prosthesis out specialised physiotherapist takes care of functional training after fitment and prosthesis-related musculoskeletal problems.   

Hand Injury Rehabilitation – hand rehabilitation specialised services by our occupational therapist and physiotherapist. People who have undergone plastic surgery, tendon transfer, hand reconstruction after crush injuries or any suffered traumatic injury to hand needs these specialised services to achieve an optimal level of function. 

Foot & Body Balance Care Program   – Program addresses the issues related to fool alignment as dysfunctional alignment may lead to various compensatory biomechanical dysfunctions around another joint including the spine. Foot scan is done on Foot Pro Essential system from Finland, customised foot insole is made as appropriate and if needed to balance body on foot. Remedial exercises and posture correction is provided.


Neurological rehabilitation deals with patients recovering from a neurological condition such as stroke, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, nerve injury, spinal cord injury. Neurological disorders depending on its severity often lead to partial or complete paralysis of the body part. Neurological rehabilitation helps the patient to recover maximum possible mobility, independence and control of these body parts. 
Department is equipped with the latest technology to deliver international standard to the patients who need the neurological rehabilitation services. 
Facility Available:     
•    Functional Electrical Stimulation
•    Partial Body Weight Supported Gait Training
•    Electromyography Bio-Feed Back System
•    Balance Training System 
•    Semi Virtual Reality Bilateral Movement Trainer
•    Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation
•    Electronic Tilt Table
•    Stair Activity Training Unit
•    Parallel Bars
•    Suspension Therapy Unit
Our physiotherapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, orthotic and prosthetic specialist along with other health care professional including medical specialists works in close collaboration to provide patient-centric optimal care.
The neurological Rehabilitation team is internationally trained various hands-on therapeutic approaches: 
•    Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation
•    Neurodevelopmental Therapy/Bobath approach
•    Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy
•    Constraint induce movement therapy
•    Motor re-learning program
•    Mirror therapy
•    Functional Movement Analysis & Treatment Strategy


Stroke Rehabilitation – Addresses movement dysfunction, gait rehabilitation, aphasia & dysphasia, cognitive and perceptual issues various splints and orthotics need.

Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation – Addresses to achieve a maximum possible functional goal based on the severity of injury and classification of injury. The services include patient & family counselling, functional assessment, assessment, prescription and fabrication of wheelchair, assessment, prescription and fitment of various orthotics supports.

Vestibular and Balance Rehabilitation – Program addresses the issues related to vestibular and balance dysfunctions. Comprehensive fall risk assessment including neuro-vestibular evaluation, detail neurological evaluation allows planning most appropriate rehabilitation intervention for the people with fall, vestibular or balance related dysfunctions.    


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