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 Pediatric Clinic Childhood Allergy, Asthema, Childhood obesity & Metabolic Disorders, Pediatric scollasis & CTEV,   Development clinic, Pediatric Nephrology & Urology , Paediatric Cardiology, Bad Obstetric Clinic  2nd and 4th Friday of Every Month          2PM - 3PM                                                               Consultaion Rs. 450  
 Geriatric Clinic Screening & preventive services for Elderly Monday,Wednesday &   Friday                               3PM - 5PM  Geriatric Basic & Advanced Packages, starting @Rs. 1499     
 Varicose ClinicAching, Cramping, Burning, Leg numbness and tingling, Skin changes and discolouration, Restless Leg Syndrome, Visible, Twisted, Blue-Coloured Veins, Leg ulcers  Friday 9AM -1PM Free Consultation & Varicose Doppler (If Advised by Doctor)

 Obesity Clinic

 Weight Management  Saturday9AM -1PM Free Consultation (Dietary + BCA Analysis)
 Prostate Clinic Inadequate Bladder Emptying, Difficulty in passing urine,Frequent urination,Urinary tract infection,Bladder stone formation, Blood in urine Monday & Thursday4PM - 5PM OPD Consultation - Rs. 450, Package for further Screening - Rs. 999

 Diabetic   Speciality Clinic

Complications related to Diabeties  All Days2PM - 4PM Consultation + Screening Rs. 2500
 Pain &   Pallative ClinicPhysical & Emotional effects of Cancer, its treatments & timely Medical CareMonday2PM - 4PM   Consultation Rs. 450                        
 Neuro Surgery  Clinic Acute Stroke Follow-Up Clinic, Minimally Invasive (Endoscopic Surgery Clinic), Brain Tumor Clinic, Spine     Clinic, Spinal Bifada,   Hydrocepphalus, ScoliosisFriday3PM - 5PM   Consultation Rs. 800                        
 PCOD Irregular Menstruation, Sudden changes in weight and  skin.Thursday 9PM - 5PM Rs. 900 (3 Consultations)
 Heart Failure Clinic
  • Persistent breathlessness, fatigue, tiredness or ankle swelling.
  • History of Heart Attacks in the past or uncontrolled Hypertension.
  • ECHO Report showing an Ejection Fraction of <35%.    Consultaion with Sr. Cardiologist, lifestyle Counselling on living with pacemaker
 2nd & 4th Saturday Every Month.3 PM - 5 PM Rs. 1000 (Consultaion with Cardiologist  +Screening ECHO)
 Pacemaker   Clinic Second Opinion, Pacemaker Programming 1st & 3rd Monday of Every Month3 PM - 5 PM Rs. 500 on Consultations & 10%  Discounts on Programming              



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