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Heart Failure Clinic

Identifying Heart Failure



Choose a healthy life,  with the Heart Failure Clinic:

  • Self-management techniques
  • Decreased rates of hospitalisation
  • Globally-renowned therapies
  • Cost-saving and effective treatment  

Date : 2nd & 4th Saturday Every Month.

Timings : 3 PM - 5 PM

Venue : Heart Failure Clinic, Manipal Hospitals, Sector 6, Dwarka.

Common Symptoms:

  • Persistent breathlessness, fatigue, tiredness or ankle swelling.
  • History of Heart Attacks in the past or uncontrolled Hypertension.
  • ECHO Report showing an Ejection Fraction of <35%.                                                                                           

   Heart Failure Clinic:

  •  Consultation with Cardiologist + Screening ECHO (21000)
  •   Offerings - 15% discount on Holter Monitoring & 15% discount on Pro-BNP Test
  •   Nurse Educator will provide Dos & Don'ts for the Heart Failure Clinic (By appointment only) 



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